Com-Pair Internet is Local  Reliable Fast Unlimited

X2 Internet Plans

Fixed Price, No Data Caps, No Contracts, Local, Reliable Internet




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Premium Plus



X3 Internet Plans

X3 plans coverage is ever expanding daily, but currently are only available in select towns, please call for availability. Speeds advertised are maximum speeds and not guaranteed. Like our X2 plans, no data caps or contracts.

Tier 1



Tier 2



Tier 3



We’re not your typical Internet provider.

Don’t take our word for it. See what real Com-Pair customers have to say.

I have been in the area for 3 years but when I got com par services in October I was and continue to be extremely satisfied.
The service is great the speeds are consistent and I love it!

Debbi Milliken


I’ve been with Com-pair since 2005 and always I’ve had great service. There’s always someone I could talk to on the phone when I have an issue. So I recommend this company to everyone. I’ve also recommended Com-Pair to many people over the years.

Melinda Einck


When Com-Pair took over my internet, my out of pocket was cut in half and the service seems smoother as I haven’t needed to call in for service work. Thank you, Com-Pair for coming into my community.

Chely J


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High Speed Internet for Rural Northern California

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Find Out If We Service Your Home.

Find Out If We Service Your Home.